Yoga in the Fiji Islands




I am a yoga teacher based in Nadi, Fiji.


My teaching style is based on my background in Iyengar yoga and my love for Ashtanga Yoga. There is emphasis on correct physical alignment in order to support development of a healthy body and optimal breathing, while also encouraging an inwardly focused mind through vinyasa (postures threaded onto the breath) and drshti (direction of gaze).


General classes vary in pace and intensity according to the focus of the class and the people attending, but I do try to make it as accessible as possible for everybody.


Led classes do not include instructions for the postures so are not suitable for beginners. These classes are intended to teach the Ashtanga Primary series so that students who already know how to correctly perform asanas (& modify as needed) can develop their own home practice.


I run workshops quite regularly and organise retreats and workshops with International teachers. If you are a yoga teacher wanting to organise a retreat or workshop here please do get in touch for help with finding locations etc.

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